After the Master
Vermeer, The Milkmaid, (detail)

oil on canvas - January 2019
Robert Burns
oil on canvas -  March 2019
My Colbert Phase - 2018-19

some shown briefly on his TV show
what about me?
oil pastels - 2019
what about us?
oil pastels - 2019
oil on canvas, September 2019
.Amber's Nana Pat
Oil on canvas, January 2020

Betty's Westie
Oil Pastels on pastel paper, January 2020

.Janie's Dad, Jimmie
left, oil pastels - right, oil on canvas.
June 2020

Dierdree's Mum, Manon
left, oil pastels - right, oil on canvas
May 2020
After the Master

The Man with the Golden Helmet
oil on canvas - September 2020
oil on canvas - October 2020
Will and Janet
oil on canvas - December 2020
(last painting of 2020)

Roy's father Will and my mother Janet. They rarely met, but were friendly correspondents. 
Painting was taken from a photo on the occasion of her 80th birthday, 1987, and his 90th following shortly after, in King City, Canada.  I brought their heights closer together for obvious reasons but their hands were the same.
They shared a good sense of humour. I took the picture after some wag called out, "Happy us the ring!"
It was a joyful occasion.
Julie and Tank
oil on canvas - November 2020
Artist's Hands - 2020
oil on canvas